Sunday, April 24, 2011

House #6 & #7 (aka yet more 'fixer uppers')

Two more houses, two more off the list.  We went to see these this past week and it always seems to be the same story: the homes have 'potential', but they ALL need work.  Of course we knew this going in, especially since I want an older home (and when I say old I mean older than a bungalow, so at least 60 years), but it just seems like all of these homes need more work than we can handle right now.

The first house (the one above) was a really cute home in a great area of country. It was 1100sq, so it did feel a bit small to me, but there were a few other obstacles besides the size that got in the way. Mainly that it did not have a shower (older folks live there), and there's no way to install one without doing a complete bathroom renovation. So yeah, thousands of dollars.  Also the kitchen layout was super weird, and the living room was a bit too small.  Again, it was cute and had potential, but we weren't sure we wanted to/could afford to jump into a major renovation like that (painting is one thing, ripping out old walls and moving tubs is another).

The next house (below) we saw yesterday and again, it was definitely what you would call a 'fixer upper'. The owner had basically started several renovations but never finished any of them, and half-assed the ones he did start, so every single room in the house needed work, both finishing and more major work. Dan didn't like it at all (the first one I think he said that to), so we scrapped it right away.

So yes, we're going to see this one tomorrow, it will probably be more of the same...we just need to remember that the question isn't "which house is move in ready?", it's "which house needs the least amount of work and/or will cost the least amount in renovations right from the get go?"

We'll find it.  We'll find it.

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Anonymous said...

Hope the next house will be IT!!!! (BTW - I just looked at the realastate website - houses are so cheap compared to here in Europe! But I guess your salaries are different too then...)