Friday, March 2, 2012


Week 5 was a really good week for us. We got a snow day (and Victor really played in it for the first time!), we visited family in Freddy, Violet was weighed, and we had lots of time at home. I experimented with creating collages again (the 3 cell phone shots of Victor in the snow), and got some old scrap goodies from my mom like the K&Co tag/embellies/journaling spots and random epoxy stickers (we're both trying to use up our old stuff, so this is the perfect place to do it!).

One month down, 11 to go :)

Back with Week 6, I'm on a roll now! :)

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Stephie C said...

teehee I kept thinking that receipt said "Adult Superstore" and I was like hmmmmm now what did they buy there?! hahahahahahaha

You are doing great and all your little add in touches are making it so great!