Saturday, March 17, 2012


Week 8 was the first week that I actually struggled with getting done. Not because I didn't have enough (though there were far fewer weekly photos than usual), but just because I wasn't sure how to place it all and just wasn't 'feeling' it. I think part of the reason was because it ended up being a 6 layout (3 page) spread, so much bigger than usual. Anyway, I was determined not to get more than a week behind at a time so I finished it, but like I said, it wasn't easy. I know there will be weeks like that, and it's ok, the important thing is just to keep going and get them done, one way or another.

This was the week we celebrated Victor's birthday party, which is why there are 2 extra inserts. The first one is just a simple 8.5X11 page protector to hold his birthday cards (I put a couple on each side). I originally had them 'loose' in the pocket but didn't like how it looked so I included a plain piece of card stock to put them on, and I like the look much better. I sealed the page protector with a piece of washi-like tape, that way I could open it later on to look at the cards if I wanted to. I also stuck a "Happy birthday" chipboard on the protector (though I could have very well stuck it on the card stock inside the protector too).

The second insert is a full page 12X12 page protector from the PL kit, Design B (I'm using Design A for my main layouts). After doing this week I've decided that I won't include full page protectors again, I'll always trim them down to something smaller, I don't like having an extra same-size protector in the layouts, it messes up the 'flow' if that makes sense. Anyway, I had enough photos to fill all the pockets so I kept it full size this time. I didn't do any 'decorating' to the insert, I just included photos and a tiny bit of journaling (including a journaling strip on top of the page protector on the back...again, something I probably won't do again but was fine in this situation). I like that I'm learning what I like and what I don't as I go with this project, it keeps me trying new things. 

The rest of the layout (the normal weekly stuff) is pretty straight forward, quite a bit of journaling this time around, which is nice. I stapled a balloon next to the Weekly Review label to symbolize that it was a birthday week for us (Violet turned 5 months old this week too). Another large Instagram on a journaling card, which I really like, and I also did a corresponding caption card to go with my Instagram collage this week (really it's just filler, but I ended up liking it and will probably do it again). Instagram is playing a big part in this project, which is kind of cool (it's also kind of an excuse to get an iPhone 4, since the photo quality is much better...I can justify it, right?)

You know the drill, back with Week 9 next...

Yay Project Life!

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Stephie C said...

Loving it! Just love the add ins like the receipts and balloon cool!