Thursday, March 15, 2012


Week 7, here we go! Another regular week for us with errands, time with family, time at home, work...just LIFE. Not a ton of variety in the photos, but that's ok, the moments that are captured are special to us (and one thing I'm trying to do is to use the photos as jumping off points for journaling that's not necessarily related to the photo, so I'm getting more variety that way.)

I included a receipt from some car repairs this week, as well as a larger Instagram that I particularly loved (Dan and the kids in the bathroom), a journaling card to describe our non-existent Valentine's Day, and instead of doing a weekly review, I included my Tweets as an overlay on a photo (it's kind of hard to read, but that's ok, it was just to try something different).

Did I mention that I still love this project? :)

It's the Project Life show on this blog lately, so expect to see Week 8 and 9 soon!

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Lea said...

Aww so sweet! I love that you are doing this!