Sunday, March 4, 2012


It might sound weird, but the thing I'm most impressed with about myself when it comes to this project is that I'm letting imperfections/flaws go. If you look up close this album is not perfect at all...things are crooked, the photos don't fit exactly right (trimmed too small, etc), there may be typos or ink smudges, the pictures are dark/light/poorly edited...but you know what, it doesn't really matter. I doubt in 10 years my kids will look back and notice those things, they'll be more interested in seeing that our den was a super bright and gaudy orange, or that they wore weird clothes, or that Daddy had a beard and Mama had long hair, or that we took photos called 'Instagrams' (the Polaroids of our generation I think)...that's what will matter. So I'm trying hard not to stress if things aren't ideal, just getting it done, getting it documented, is what matters the most.

For Week 6 I played around with combining paper/journaling with the photos, like in the triptych on the first page and on the second page where I printed a vertical shot, then did journaling on the other half of the photo. I also did a 'he/she' card on the first page (inspired by who else...Ali!), which I love (I also love how the kids are both smiling in the photos, it really shows how they look alike!) I included a quote about winter, my grocery list since I threw out the receipt by accident, a folded journaling card to tell a longer story, and that's about it! 

The only thing that's really bugging me about this week? I wrote that something happened when really it didn't happen until the following week (the trouble with being a few weeks behind!)

Week 7 and 8 coming up!

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Stephie C said...

Love it and you are so right, the kids are def not gonna care about what we see as the imperfections with our projects!

Also thank you as looking at your pages motivates me to add in things to my digital mixbooks such as today I saved images from the two movies I saw yesterday that I will add in! :)