Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday morning Etsy Loves (Pic heavy)

TGIF! Thank goodness the week is over, it's been quite busy and I could use the rest...luckily next week is only a 4 day week, with Remembrance Day.

So, I've totally fallen back in love with Etsy. I was obsessed with it when I first discovered it earlier this year, then I kind of stopped checking it over the summer, but lately I've been getting back into it and I must say that there are still some incredibly beautiful things on there, so many pretties (though alot of not-so-pretties too, but that the fun, hunting for the treasures.) This lovely fellow Canuck said on her blog recently, along with a few others, that they are trying to do a 'hand-made' Christmas this year, either making their gifts themselves or purchasing hand-made gifts from places like Etsy. I really like that idea and I may try to do it as well (mostly purchasing since I'm not too too crafty when it comes to gifts.)

My most recent Etsy obsession has been looking at Art prints. There are so many beautiful prints, I would fill every wall in my house with them if I had the money! Here are a few prints/shops that I'm swooning over right now:

This print from dazychic. She has really cute stuff, this would be so cute in an office or something like that (alot of the prints I like seem to be for either nurseries or offices, hmm...)

Even though Fall is over, I adore this cute print from Stephanie Fizer. She has a cute set of owls from all 4 seasons as well, that would be super cute in, again, a kid's room...

The black apple of course is super popular, but this one in particular is my favoutite, kinda dark, kinda weird, kinda cute, just like me :)

I found this one recently from Yellena , it's called "Someday" and I LOVE the colours.

Probably my favourite print artist on Etsy is artandghosts . Her work is beyond amazing; dark, moody, unique, slightly creepy, yet incredibly beautiful too. I always have at least 4 or 5 of her prints in my Favourites folder, I love "In the Gloaming Sukki walks". She even used the word "gloaming"...come on!

I love images of trees, so I always have quite a few of them in my folder. I found these two recently from MWilson's shop, I love them.

This one from shirae is cute too, simple, but I think it would look really nice in a playroom or kitchen.

I'm not sure if it's because it's November, but I'm loving the colour gray lately, so this print by cathynichols is really appealing to me now. Love the pop of red from the bird, and again, a tree...

I love images of little girls, I guess they remind me of myself (I always tend to choose dark-haired ones), and I love this image from Multiplepersonality called "Just be quiet". It really speaks to me right now since I myself have a hard time just being quiet in my mind, it's always buzzing with a million different things.

As for non-print stuff, I am always drawn to scraves/chunky knits/ponchoette type things, like this amazing one from simplybasicdesign. It really makes me wish I knew how to knit!

And finally, check out this super cute wallpaper I found on RealSimple's site about a month ago, it's adorable, I would love to have my child's room in paper like this (it would be cute if they made all paper for all 4 seasons, I would do each wall in a Season...hmm, I think I'm seeing a pattern develop here for a future nursery...)

Well that's all for now, off to do some more Christmas wish-listing/shopping!

Happy weekend!

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