Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot (kinda)

Here is my latest project, a little felt robot I made for our kitten. Every since we decided to name her Yoshimi, I knew I had to make her a Pink Robot to battle. So I picked up a few pieces of felt from M's, hand drew the pattern, added some felt buttons and a heart, stuffed and sewed it together, and voila, a little robot for 'Shimi. I think it turned out really cute, and I had a lot of fun making it (I made it in a few hours while watching some movies), so this might end up being a little side hobby of mine, making little felt creatures for fun :)

Here is 'Shimi, battling (well, sort of) her Pink Robot.

Well, October is over. It makes me sad, because in my mind this also means the end of Fall. Now winter is only a month away, and today it got dark at 5:30pm, and I almost cried...
Halloween ended up being pretty boring, didn't do much at all, but I did get about 20 kids at my door, which was cute, I was hoping to get some this year, and I was happy with the turn out, considering where I live. Still had some treat bags left at the end, but that's ok, more candy for me and hubs. All in all though, I think that my Halloween Extravanagza with Heather went very well this year, and I can't wait for next year already!

This weekend is ending up being extra long for me, since Friday I had most of the day off as Time-In-Lieu from a trip I took on Thursday (love the government!), and tomorrow is my MOD (Modified Day Off-basically I work 30 extra mins every day for 3 weeks, and I get every 3rd Monday off. It rocks.) So I have a 4 day weekend, I love it! Tomorrow my main goal is to scrap; I finished a page today I've had lying on my desk for weeks and it felt great. I have 2 more layouts on the go right now, and I'm going to make myself finish them tomorrow, because the longer they stay on my desk, the longer they take to finish, so no more slacking for me!

Today Dan sat down and starting looking through my scrap albums (isn't that sweet of him?), so I sat down and looked though them with him, and it was really fun to see all the layouts I've done over the years (I have seven 12X12 albums and two 8.5X11 albums, almost all full, plus about 7-8 minis, spanning about 3 years.) I could definitely see my style evolve (or devolve, depending on how you look at it), but I realized that the most important part was the words, not the layout or the papers or embellishments or even the pictures. The journaling was what was most interesting, and I realized that I need to focus on that more, to take inspiration from Ali and really focus on the words + pictures, but mostly the words. Telling my story, leaving behind a piece of my life. So hopefully there will be more journaling on my layouts, but still lots of pretty papers and embellishments, because I love them too :)

Our cat has decided that sleeping in front of the computer screeen while we are using the Internet is her new favourite thing to do...she also likes to paw at the screen and watch Dan play video games. (In fact, she is pawing at my hands as I type...) It's definitely fun having a kitten around, we're very happy we have our baby 'Shimi.

Well I'm off for the evening, hopefully I'll have 3 layouts to post tomorrow! Night everyone, countdown to Christmas is on! I leave you with my Halloween 365, tried to look as scared as possible...only 151 days to go!!

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oxenanny said...

OMG OMG I love your pink robot!!!!!!!! So good! I am proud of you :)

Great 365 too,,,, very scary.

I can't wait to meet Yoshimi! Christmas?