Friday, November 28, 2008

Today I am...

-wearing my green boots and i love it, though i'm a little overheated
-thinking i need some more mini trees for my village
-not quite able to get into the christmas mood....almost, but not quite
-kicking butt at my job
-eagerly waiting for my sister and her husband to get here for the weekend (visitors! wee!)
-posting this random picture of me and Anna because i think it's funny (it's so us)

-super excited for tomorrow, but you'll have to check back to see why!
-getting used to the idea of taking my temp every morning
-wishing I could go home early
-hating loving care, and more specifically, the french version of it and transcontinental printing!
-wishing all the Americans a happy long weekend!
-listening to Christmas tunes and Iron and Wine on the same playlist
-checking Etsy about every 20 minutes
-realizing i've barely done any Christmas shopping, even though I said I would do most of it in november...
-lusting over pretties like this and this and these and anything here
-shocked that november is almost over
-wanting to connect with my hubby
-wishing there were snow on the ground (yes that's right, I miss it!)
-not scrapbooking, because i've taken a break from the marathon last week
-fantasizing about a winter photoshoot with heather...snow and a red dress, oh my
-thinking I'm going to read "the bloody chamber" by angela carter
-looking up dates and times to buy tickets to see "the nutcracker"
-happy, but a little bored, life is floating along so smoothly

Happy Weekend everyone!


oxenanny said...

So what am I checking back to see today? What is the big secret!!?

Genevieve said...

I don't think I'll get to post about it tonight....

But 3 words: Etsy. seller usernames. latablecarre.