Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter is here.

Well, we got our first winter storm of the year, over a foot of snow in 24 hours, and we got completely snowed in, I couldn't get my front door open and the snow was up to my knees, but I was happy and sad to see it at the same time.

Happy because it meant looking out to this:
But sad because it meant doing this:

It's supposed to warm up later in the week so the snow is going to be gone soon, but we definitely got a taste of what's to come, and I'm excited for it :)

Since the weather outside was frightful, but my scrapdesk was oh-so delightful, I had a chance to work on a few layouts, including this one I made just for fun (aka not for any Challenges)

I definitely have a love-hate realtionship with my cellphone. I held out so long before getting one, and now that I have it I find it mostly annoying. I'm embarassed to answer it in public, because, really, am I that cool that I have to talk on my cellphone in public? Please. I leave it in my purse most of the time at home, it always surprises me when it goes off actually, I'm just not comfortable with it. Stupid handy little thing. Anyway, I got to use lots of scraps for this (been aiming to get my enormous pile down), so that was good, I'm trying to use only one sheet of background paper and then use scraps for the rest of the layout, no cutting of new paper until what I have in scraps is gone. It makes it a bit harder to get the pages going, but it's worth it. I'm thinking that in the New Year I'm going to reward myself with some new scrap goodies, maybe in the form of a kit or two. Mmmm. Up next: Mojo and Creative Type Challenges.

Now, I didn't get as many layouts done as I would have wanted this weekend because I was too busy spending my evenings with this man:

Oh swoon. I watched the entire Long Way Down series in 2 days. I highly recommend it, if only to hear Ewan talk for 12 hours. Never will you see a more charming, kind, boyish, funny, hot, and wonderful man as him. The same thing happened when I watched Long Way Round last year, I just can't get enough of this Scot on a bike. My weekly obsession. Never mind Edward Cullen (although he's pretty swoon-worthy too.)

Anyway, tomorrow is my Modified day off and I'm going to see my friend Sara in the Valley to take some pics of her and her family for Christmas pictures. It's perfect that it snowed, actually, I'm hoping we'll be able to go outside for some. I hope they turn out ok!

Happy Sunday!

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