Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A few quick projects...and rambles

Well, I just wanted to share a few things that I've made/done lately. After checking out some amazing blogs, I was inspired to create a "clothesline" type display in my room for my recent scrap pages, fav pics, and whatever else catches my fancy. It's definitely something that I want to incorporate into my new scrap space when we move. Check it out, I think it turned out pretty cool:

After making the clothesline, I took some old wooden frames I got at Ikea forever ago, painted them black and put in some cool images/papers, including a postcard I got in Madrid of a Picasso painting I love, some awesome Love Elsie paper, a cool chandelier card (love the bright green and the "be glam" I added underneath it) and a simple message to myself..."create." (I used my new favourite mini letter stamps, I just love them!) Add a few flowers, papers, cool jewelery and voila!

I also decided to try out creating my own mini book, since I'm now obessed with them...basically they are mini scrapbooks that you create yourself, they are super fun because the format is small (whatever you want them to be really) and you can finish multiple pages (or the whole book) in a few sittings. You can also make them about anything you want, they are messier, less formal, don't always include pictures and can be a bit more personal. I have about 6 or 7 that I want to create, mostly ideas from other mini books I've seen, but also a few of my own. So I found an awesome tutorial on Paper Adventure '08 on how to make one out of junk cardboard, keyrings and paper. I made it tonight and I'm so excited with the result...simple, but just what I'm diggin' right now, I can't wait to start filling it with pages...and make more!

Once I start filling it with pages I'll be sure to update.

Other random thoughts:

-Looks like we are moving on May 1st, which is a month sooner than I had originally thought, but that's ok, I'm kind of looking forward to it, being the kind of person I am, who can never live somewhere for longer than 2 years (going on a year and a half here...)

-I can't wait to get my camera...soooo excited for it! Dan is doing our taxes this weekend so I hope to have it by the end of the month!! Then (I hope) my pictures won't suck so hard, haha.

-I'm still waiting for my chipboard album from Etsy, it's been 2 weeks now, starting to get impatient, how long does it take to ship something from Ontario?!

-Work has been insanely busy, pretty stressful, but I found out today that I should find out within the next few weeks what my benefits will be and when I will be in the Union and all that fun stuff, so that's good, I really hope that I get Permanent, but I'm thinking it will only be a Term position, which is still fine with me, as long as I can take a vacation day!

Well that's all for now. Bonne nuit all.

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oxenanny said...

Heeeeeeeeeey! I see ME on that clothesline you cutie! I love your idea by the way. Looks GREAT!