Monday, March 3, 2008

Hey Judah

Well my friend Sara had her baby on Friday and I was lucky enough to be there to witness it. She called at 7:45am on Friday to tell me that she was going into labour...problem was I had left like 3 minutes beforehand to catch the bus to work! So I get to work and there's an email from Heather telling me that Sara called and that I had to go...and I was sooo panicky! I'm sure I was more nervous than she was, so shaky and just thinking 'ok, what to do, what to do'. I knew I had to leave work, so I got what I could do done and then headed home to find a car (Dan had taken ours to play hockey, and although he was a real jerk about it, saying he couldn't loan me the car because he couldn't find a way home after the managed to get my roommate's car from her boyfriend's place) and head to the Valley.

When I got there her contractions were 3 minutes apart and she seemed in good spirits. So focused and relaxed, just how I hope mine will go (if ever.) I felt pretty useless there, I couldn't really help her in any way, kinda felt intrusive, but I wanted to be there for her anyway in case she needed anything. Every time she had a contraction I teared up, I don't know why, she was in pain and I could see it and it hurt me too, so I had to look away (felt ridiculous the whole time too, but oh well.) So I got there at 1pm and stayed with her until about 4pm when she started pushing (she had told me the last time I was visiting that she didn't want me there when she was pushing, but when it was actually happening I don't think she would have noticed that I was there, but I respected her wishes anyway), and by 4:57pm, little Judah David Walker was born. 8 pounds 6 ounces, so not that little actually! It was strange to see him there, hard to believe he was inside of her for 9 months and we were talking about him, but more like a concept than an actual real person. He was a good little baby though, and I stayed with them until about 8pm, then left to give them some bonding time. Sara was, of course, a natural, just a perfect mom already...she was destined to do this, I've said it many times. I can't say I feel the same way about myself, but if I can be half the mother she will be and already is, then I will be ok.

So yeah, that's about it, I'm super happy for her, but I'm also kinda sad 'cause I know that in a way I lost her as a friend...but I understand. I told her that I would go visit her in a few months when Judah's a bit older and they have their routine down a bit more...I'm hoping to have my new camera by then so I will be able to take some better shots than the ones I took while I was there (again, felt foolish for taking such bad pictures, but I saw that she had some good ones up today, so it's alright I guess.)

Here he is, beautiful boy already. So lucky, so fortunate.

Well, I'm going to try to not let my emotions get the better of me this week, but I can't promise anything, so we'll see how it goes. Laters.

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