Friday, March 14, 2008


Well I got my first mini book done tonight and I LOVE it. It's just what I want it to be: messy, full of flaws, but still fun, funky, bright and personal. I decided to do a "Random 08" book (I got the idea from Kristina Contes and her blog, her minis are just amazing). Anyway, it's basically just a bunch of random pages about random things, but I think that this will be fun (and funny) to look back on later in life...maybe my kids will even get a kick out of it, seeing how crazy and foolish their Mama was (and how much she wanted them). I wanted it to be fun and bright, so I used lots of Love, Elsie, K&Co papers, Hello Kitty stickers, flowers, buttons, anything with some colour. I also got to use my old Troll name stamp from the early 90s, I love it! Anyway, here it is:

Here are a few pictures of it put together as well (I love how the bookrings allow you to add as many pages as you want, or to switch the order of the pages up whenever you want. I might attempt to do a few more "Random" pages in 08, and they can all go into this album.)

I ordered another one off of Etsy last night, a 4X6 one (I want different sizes for all of them, they'll be more distinguishable that way.) I like the idea of a 4X6 'cause then I can have one page with just a photo and the other can be the journaling/title/whatever.

Well I guess that's all, I'm just proud of my creation :) I think that tonight we are going to go out for some appetizers/drinks and then play some mini golf with Heather and Scott, but it's storming out right now, so we'll see what happens. It's St Patty's night (well, the night to go out anyway since it's on Monday), so to all the Irish out there, have fun!

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oxenanny said...

Love love love your mini book G! You are MY inspiro-blog! Kisses!