Saturday, March 15, 2008

I am Lovin' me some Pillows...

Ok, so besides the millions of scrapbooking items I see on Etsy that I love, like this, and these, and these, I've also found tons of cool pillows that I might buy once money isn't so tight (haha, yeah right, whenever that'll be...) I have a dark brown suede couch, which I like, and there are 4 pillows that go with it, two 16X16s and two 14X14, butright now they are all brown as well (read: boring), so I want to buy some really bright, cool patterned covers for them; I think they would really pop on the couch and make it more fun and interesting. Anyway, here are a few that I've found:

I LOVE the birdcage one, and the trees many to choose from! I'm really diggin' the Etsy thing, but I'm trying not to buy too much on it (so far only the 2 chipboard albums), because I know that it could get really out of hand, really fast, haha. I might eventually buy some art, because there are some really cool girls on there and their art is amazing (I picture buying alot of it for an eventual-hopefully-nursery.)

Anyhoo, pizza's here! Night all.

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