Friday, March 28, 2008

My Mantra

Here's something I made tonight for my inspiration wall, using some supplies from my Paper Posies Kit (been using some of it, love it all so far!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Thickers I got, they aren't available anywhere around here, so being able to finally use them is awesome, and the fact that they are the Roller Disco style is just all that much more rockin'. And of course the Love Elsie is just great too, what a creative girl.

Anyway, this is my new mantra, what I keep telling myself when I feel like all my work sucks, like I can't do it, like the creativity in me has gone away, when I compare myself to everyone else...just be an artsy chick. Just do what you love, and enjoy it, don't apologize, don't justify, just dream, click and art it up.

I downloaded the 12 Weeks to Better Photos tutorial from 2Peas and I'm starting to learn the basics of my camera, like Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, etc. It's really fun playing with it, I enjoy it immensely already, and that's just taking picture in my apartment (been cooped up inside because we got another stupid storm....PS-Dear Winter: Go the Eff away!) I can't wait to get outside and try it out in some natural light and in different settings. Love my new toy! Here are a few shots playing around tonight...

<--taken by Dan being a paparazzi.

Well that's all, I hope to scrap some more this weekend, I've been slacking some lately.


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Jacynthe said...

Salut Geneviève,
Bon bien je suis contente de voir que tu as eu ta nouvelle caméra. J'ai hâte de la voir "en personne" :). Elle semble prendre de vraies belles photos. Tu vas peut-être me donner le goût de m'en acheter une moi aussi.

Moi aussi je dois me remettre à scrapper. J'ai niaisé toute la journée, à faire à manger ( une tarte au citron pour Dave), le ménage, et à regarder la télévision (maudit HGTV LOL) quand j'aurais pu faire une page vu que Dave est parti au chalet. Mais non. En tout cas... J'ai reçu mes étampes. Ton set est vraiment cute et en plus, le contour est déjà découpé...chanceuse. Peut-être que je ferai une page demain.

J'ai vu ton mur d'inspiration. Vraiment "hip, cool". En fin de compte, tu es une artiste toi aussi. Je suis contente que tu aimes ton kit de Paper Posies. Ca valu la peine de le faire venir.

Bon, je dois aller mettre les légumes au feu pour le souper.

A la prochaine, Hasta luego,
Maman X0X