Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gettin' obsessed...

Eko's Tongue (he frequently leaves it out like that on his own...I know.)

Man, I've been posting a lot lately, guess I'm starting to get into the habit of blogging, which is good, it's been one of my main goals for awhile now, to update more than once every few months, 'cause that ain't gonna cut it for what I want this to be...a kick-ass blog :)

Anyhoo, thought I'd share another mini-book I made today, created with what will undoubtedly become 2 new staples in my scrapbooking world: The Dymo labeler and woodgrain contact paper. I got the idea for the contact paper from Amber's blog, it's so cool, I love it, and it's very easy to use (and cheap, 1$ for a decent sized roll at the Dollarama!). The Dymo labeler is something I've wanted for awhile now, since I'm trying to find ways to create titles/word stickers without actually having to buy a ton of chipboard letters, letter stickers, etc, so this is a great way to save money (and it's easy too!)

The idea for the mini book came from Kristina's blog, but I've been thinking about doing something like this for awhile now, and I had this old (kinda fugly) 6X6 album my father-in-law gave me for Christmas, and it just hit me all of a sudden: "Cover that sucker up with the woodgrain!". I added some ribbon from my kit down the spine to cover up the ugly green checkered pattern, added a title, and voilà! I'm going to fill it soon with more random pages of what makes me happy, the only downside is that it's an actual album so I have to make "traditional" 6X6 pages that go inside plastic sleeves (boo), but in a way it's a good thing, I need to practice my "old-school" scrapping skills too, it's not just all mini love and inspiro-walls.

Well I guess that's all, been checking out Flickr alot, getting a huge itch to go outside and take some pics, but it's been a really crappy weekend weather-wise, so I think the plan is to go out on Wednesday night, it's supposed to be mostly sunny and +11, so it doesn't get much better than that.

Well that's all, I hope to get some more scrappin' done this week (I'm about halfway done my "I love Art" mini, and I have some pages lined up, so we'll see...), and I also want to get myself organized for spring cleaning (this place is sooo dusty!)

Anyway, hope everyone has a great week!

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