Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas '08 in a Flash

So Christmas is over for another year, and this year it went by just as quickly, if not more so, than previous years. I had 5 days off but for some reason it didn't feel that long and I wished I had taken a few extra days to just relax at home, but alas that's not the way I saw it back when I booked my time off, so now I'm paying the price.

Anyway, Christmas for the Flynns went something like this:

On the 23rd we drove to Fredericton with little Shimi in tow. Now, for most of the trip she was a really good little kitten, barely meowing or picking up much fuss, but there were a few instances where I think she realized what was really going on and she had this terrified look on her face:

Oddly though, after about 5 mins, she calmed down (or was distracted...funny how they are like children that way), and she back to sitting on Dan's knee, grabbing some coffee at Tim's.

I won't get into how she behaved during the entire trip, but needless to say that cats are not easy to travel with. The worst part is that as soon as we got in the car to head home she turned back into her old cuddly super sweet self, which just made me even more angry, ha. Oh pets.

Anyway, so we spent the night in Fredericton and on Christmas Eve morning headed to McAdam to spend Christmas with Dan's brother Trev and his family, which was different since most Christmases have been spent at the in-law's places, but it was a nice change:

Church, good food, relaxing in the country. Lovely.

I also did alot of baby cuddling with this little (well, not so little) guy, Hayden.

But how couldn't I, look how cute he is!

Then it was Christmas morning. This year my oldest nephew Sean was old enough to start to understand it all, and it was alot of fun seeing him opening all his presents. Dan's dad and brother came out too, which was nice, lots of family around.

He must take after his Matante Geneviève :)

Hayden loving his new toy, a Glow worm.

Christmas Day we had 2 turkey dinners, one in McAdam and one in the evening with Dan's mom and Nan, then opened presents, which was nice and low-key in itself.

[insert picture of Fredericton Christmas here]

On Boxing Day it was off to my family's place in Sussex:

Most of the time spent there was going for long wintry walks with my mom and the dogs, hanging out with my sister, eating eating (and more eating) and relaxing. We opened gifts and had a ham supper on the 27th, it was very very good.

In summary...
-I ate waaaaay too much
-I didn't get alot of presents, and I really liked it that way
-I love going for walks with my mom, it's my favourite thing to do in Sussex
-My nephews are adorable
-Most didn't-know-I-needed-it-but-am-so-glad-I-got-it gift: An external harddrive for my pictures (thanks Trev!)
-Traditions and family are the most important part of Christmas, but making new traditions is fun too
-My sister makes an awesome pasta salad
-I'm getting a fake tree next year (maybe 2 small ones)
-Snow on Christmas Eve is magical, it just is
-Best how-did-you-know?! gift: Warm Amber Body Butter (thanks Nan!)
-While I love little towns, sometimes they are TOO little
-There are old friendships I realized that I would like to explore a bit more in the upcoming year
-Most practical gift: 2 sets of sheets (thanks John and Mama!)
-I can't wait to move home
-I miss Anna
-I'm making more hand-made gifts and crafts next Christmas, it was so fun this year!
-Taking pictures in the snow is hard
-Best present to myself: A new camera lens (buying January!)
-Always take a day or 2 more vacation than you think you need; you'll need it!
-Low-key Christmases are the best

Happy New Year to all, may 2009 be wonderful, light and full of dreams.

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