Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pics and scraps...

...from life lately. I made this layout last night, really quick, and it was fun too, I love the K&Co Wild Saffron paper, so bright and cheery, great for a topic like this (my favourite songs of 08):

Few things I forgot to mention on the layout-
Favourite album: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
Favourite Soundtrack: Juno
Favourite concert: Tie between Radiohead and Backstreet Boys (that's right!)
Most emotional song: "A Song for Sleeping" by STP (man that song can make me cry!)

Up next: My Christmas childhood memories mini book. I almost didn't want to show this because the pictures don't really do it justice, it's much cuter when it's all together in a book, but just so you could see the papers I scanned them all individually. This was a fun, cute project, I had fun remembering Christmas-related things from my childhood. I think that I'll probably do another one next Christmas, maybe attempt a December Daily album or something.

Last, but not least, some pics I've taken lately that I enjoy:

My black nails are back and I love them. Even at Christmas time.

Cuteness (and annoyingness) that is our Shimi, peeking up from the couch. I love this shot, even if it's a bit blurry (darn me and my shaky hands!)

Latest 365...only 3 months left of the first year, hard to believe!!

Well, that's all. We are heading out after work for NB, Christmas break will officially begin. I'll try to get online as much as I can, but at the same time I want to take a break from it, focus on other things like family and friends and taking pictures and baby nephews and going for walks in the snow, so if you don't hear from me again for a bit, Merry Christmas everyone!

Ps-We're having a little sale at our shop, there are still a few cute things left, check it out!

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peata said...

love the arrow mini.
want to make a december daily mini
making mini albums
mini album blog