Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Paper Therapy

..had one of those days today where it seemed that nothing was going right, and there was nothing but frustrations to deal with all day, so when I got home I knew I had to create something, something kinda messy and kinda quick...I needed some paper therapy (not so much in the journaling, though I did a bit of that, but more in that I could take my anger out on the paper, out on something that I could tear up , slap on, glue on and mess up, it felt good!) Can't wait for the day to be over though, ugh...(on the bright side I used some K&Co Wild Saffron paper, a hard piece too!)

On to more pleasant things, wanted to share a few pics of some Christmas things I've been up to:

I'm trying to be nice to the Earth (and my wallet) this Christmas so instead of buying wrapping paper, bows and ribbon, I bought some craft paper that can be recycled, and I'm going to wrap all my gifts with it (the ones that don't go in re-useable gift bags that is.) I like the look of it anyway, and I'm also using my own scrap supplies to make the gifts more cute (I added some fiber and Christmas paper to this one, and used a cute little tag from Etsy, for my friend in Italy...I also used a paper box I've had for-e-ver for my friend Anna's little gift, it was really fun to decorate!)

I also added some more to my windowsill in the kitchen, it looks much better now. I added some fake boughs and ribbon to the top, and hung the tinsel I wreath I made based on Rachel's awesome idea, just instead of using felt to make flowers I added a glittery ornament I bought. I think it turned out pretty cute! I also set up my Nativity scenes (plural because I got not one but 2 sets for Christmas last year and I couldn't choose just one!) So now my kitchen is all Christmas-ized, now to just get my tree this weekend and finish the house off!

Oh deer, haha

Hmm, I suppose that's all, like I said, I'm not having a great day so I think I'm just going to go clean up my desk and then veg out with hubs on the couch, head to bed early. Hopefully tomorrow is better!!

(Oh, an intro into my bad day today was last night, when I went to Wal Mart to get some craft supplies-sequins to play in The Art is Found challenge and dental floss/white circle stickers to create this awesome project for my living room windows, but of course, they didn't have ANY of those things! So I am craftless, and that is not good. Grr. Sorry, just had to vent that.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Genevieve,
Finally figured it out... now I can leave comments on ALL blogs!!!! Hope better days than discribed in your post lay ahead for you!