Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas time is here...

1. Time for Christmas crafts...my mom was nice enough to send me along all these super cute Christmas papers, (not sure who they're by, not K&Co?), so I decided to use them for my Christmas mini, using the arrow mini book I got in my June Sweet Twee Lab kit. I knew as soon as I got the book back in the summer that I was going to use it for Christmas, and originally I wanted to use all BG Christmas papers, something like this, but in the end I think these papers will fit my theme better; Childhood Christmas memories. I'm not going to use any pics, just papers and words, remembering all the little things from Christmas when I was younger; the food, the traditions, the TV shows, the music...short little memories, but I'm really excited to get started tonight!

Speaking of crafts, I'm hoping this weekend to be able to make a wreath something like this one I saw on Rachel's blog, so cute, so inexpensive, which is perfect for the holidays, since it can get quite expensive if you let it...(side note: if you have a chance, watch this video, it really hit home for me, I'm going through my Christmas list and trimming it down quite a bit because of it, I'm glad I saw it...)

I'd also like to make a felt garland, some more gifts for friends, I have my Christmas cards to make...so many crafts, so little time!

2. Time for Christmas decorations...I took out my village last weekend, I love the look of the village sitting on top of my entertainment centre, it glows all night, and last night I went out and bought a 24 pack of trees, which really made it a winter wonderland, I love it, I might have to keep it out until January!

I'm not sure when we are going to get the tree, I said the weekend of the 20th but it seems so far away, I might move it up a week...other than that I don' t have many decorations out, my shelf, a few candles here and there, I have a Nativity set to put out, and that's about it. Somehow I feel like I need more, but I think that for this year I'll just make due with what I have and next year I'll know more what I need for the space. I'll make as many decorations as I can (I have the MS magazine and they have tons of crafts), and just be happy with that.

3. Time for Christmas food...Oh my, I haven't even started thinking about this yet! I know that Heather and I are supposed to make some cookies one evening, and we are having a big supper within the next few weekends, but I'd also like to try a few candy/sweets recipes, as well as maybe make some of the food my mom used to make, like meat pies (I think that's what they're called, Tourtières), peanut butter balls, mochas...yum yum. I'll gain about 10 pounds if I make all that food though!

4. Time for Christmas music...I'm really enjoying Sarah's new Christmas blog, even though she hasn't put up any new projects, I still check it everyday for the Christmas playlist! I'm also listening to The Carpenter's Christmas album alot, it's just perfect, nice Christmas music...if there' s one thing I can't stand is contemporary artists doing Christmas music (Beyoncé singing Jingle Bells is not my idea of nostalgic or pleasant), I really prefer all the oldies when it comes to Christmas music....and, although I'm a bit ashamed to admit this (though not really), I also really like Kenny G's Christmas, especially alone at night when it's snowing, it's so peaceful!

Well that's all. Time to get crafty!

(Oh!!! Our shop made a sale! After only one day, we were soooo happy! I shipped the item off today, it was so wonderful, I think I could really get into this...we're working on some more goodies now, I'll let you know when we do an update!)


Jacynthe said...

Allo Geneviève,
Oui, les papiers sont de K&Co "Swell Noel". J'ai hâte de voir ton projet.
Ton village est super cute. Je dois bientôt sortir le mien...
Woohoo pour votre première vente sur latablecarré. J'adore les choses que vous faites. Félicitations!

p said...

oooh. gorgeous papers.
love them
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