Monday, December 29, 2008

Favs of '08

Inspired by the lovely Kara (who is way more well-spoken than I ever could be), here are some of my favourite pictures (taken my myself) from this past year.

I have taken a ridiculous amount of pictures since I bought my new camera back in March, but I have enjoyed every second of it, I love photography and looking through the lens, and though I've had many frustrating moments when I've doubted if I have what it takes to take beautiful pictures, some of these shots have given me the confidence to think that I can. And I'm always striving to improve, which is the important part. In 09 I am rewarding myself with a new lens and photo editing software, so hopefully with those tools I'll be able to build on whatever basic skills I've aquired this year, and I'll have many more interesting shoots to come!

Now these shots in particular all mean something to me; they are either funny/silly and make me laugh, show something important that happened in my life or my family's/friend's lives (ie: pets or children), or are just beautiful/interesting (to me at least.) There are waaay too many pictures of myself in there and I apologize, but alot of the shots I took this year were for my 365 Challenge, so there you have it. If you go to my Flickr (on the left) you can check out the set and see the larger shots.


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Anonymous said...

Last day of the year, just a quick visit to wish you and your loved ones all the best in this about-to-begin new year!!! See you on the internet, Love, Marit