Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9-really-it's-7 days to-do list...

Saw this on a few others blogs so I thought I'd share my list as well. Can't believe how close Christmas is!!

Before the 23rd of December I need to...
-Make my brother and sister-in-law's/new nephew's gift
-Buy a gift for my California nephews <--got this one done tonight, woo!
-Finish my sister's gift
-Buy a 5X7 frame for my Grand mama
-Think of a gift for my dad and Dan's youngest brother
-Work on my Italian friend's gift
-Make sweets for my mother-in-law and Dan's nan
-Wrap the rest of the gifts
-Write and pass out Christmas cards for co-workers
-Look up recipes for duck and side dishes; create menu for Christmas supper with Dan
-Get Dan's stocking ready

Yeah, mostly to do with gifts, can you tell I'm a bit behind this year? :S

I also have some other non-Christmas things that I want to do, but I'm not sure if they'll get done until after the holidays (such as catch up on my 52Qs, write up about a dozen blog posts I have in my head, pack up some more boxes, register for birthing classes, find a masseuse for Dan, decide on a crib, and so on and on...)

But for now I think I'm going to go work on my December Daily and drink hot chocolate.

Night all!

PS-OH! The most amazing thing happened today: Dan has agreed to watch Season 1 of LOST!! Now that Dexter is done (sniff), we're looking for another show to fill the time, and he actually suggested LOST, I was shocked. Now he said he might not stick with it, so it's a probationary
viewing, but still, I'm excited and hope he likes it! If not we're going to move on to Oz or Californication, has anyone watched those?

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