Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Scrappy Vault-Volume 2


While packing away all of my scrapbook albums the other day (they are quite heavy!), I decided it might be fun to take a picture of all of my minis together (they usually sit in a basket on the shelf), and as I looked through them again, I remembered how much I love making them. Minis are great because you have the freedom to do whatever you want; they can be about a specific topic, or just be completely random (I have a nice mix of both). You can usually get one done in a couple of days, they don't always require photos, you can used lots of mixed media, you can choose whatever size you want, and you can just play. I would say that this past year minis have been 75% of my scrapping projects, either as gifts or as on going projects.

My minis include:
-Happiness is... (this is a 6X6 album with sleeves that I occasionally fill with mini pages)
-Project 365 (the behemoth mini that I finished back in June...also the most expensive one!)
-Moi, just 'cuz (mini tin with pullout pics)
-Random '08 mini (my very first mini! 5X5 chipboard album)
-I love art (my 2nd mini ever, made from old file folders)
-5 Amazing years of loving you (4X6 chipboard album)
-Christmas memories (chipboard arrow mini)
-Learn to love your handwriting dammit! (Pringles top mini)
-Summer '08 (hand-bound book made from Toast catalogue pages and corrugated cardboard)
-Bits of life mini (made from 2 long envelopes as cover and random sized pages inside)
-Favourite mini (K&Co mini-kit...the only time I've ever not made a mini from scratch)
-Ode to Autumn '08 (another hand-bound book made from Toast catalogue pages)

I also have my 52Q and December Daily minis that I'm currently working on (my goal is to have them done before the baby is born), and I've also done a few others as gifts for friends and family, so since I started in March of 2008 I've created nearly 20. It's hard to choose a favourite, they are all quite different and meant something to me at the time while I was making them. I think I'll be making minis for quite a long time.

Now, time for my guilty confession: Although I love making minis, sometimes I don't always love filling them out/finishing them. For example, 4 of the albums above aren't 100% done. This usually happens when I make a mini with the intention of filling it in later...a lot of the time it just doesn't happen, or the inspiration stops before it gets done and I just end up putting it away, or I run out of ideas and pages are left blank. I always have the intention of going back and finishing them, but rarely does this happen. (The same goes with my scrapbook pages in general, especially when it comes to journaling...)

Does this every happen to anyone else?

Ok, well that's all for this edition of the Scrappy Vault, until next time!


Aimee said...

wow... nice collection! you're way ahead of me in the minibooks... I've only ever done one!

Anonymous said...

Eeeekkkk, some beautiful mini's you have laying there!!! I'm a HUGE FAN of mini's (my last one was about a week ago, it's on my blog if you're interested) Your titles sure give me some inspiration to start a new one!!!