Monday, December 14, 2009

Some Christmas-ing going on over here...

So I know it seems like I'm not in the Christmas spirit this year, and while it is true that I'm just not able to get as into it as I would like (too many other things going on at the moment), I'm still finding small ways to celebrate the season. A few decorations are up and around the house (I decided yesterday that we aren't getting a tree though), I've been wrapping gifts and will be baking a little tonight and this week, listening to Christmas music, etc. Plus Dan and I are having our Christmas dinner this weekend coming up and I'll be making some food-gifts, so there are some ways I'm trying to be jolly :)

Here are a few snaps of the little corners of Christmas in my house:

I also wanted to show off my wrapping so far; this year I'm trying really hard not to buy anything new to wrap my gifts with, I'm re-using what I have or finding ways to wrap gifts using things from around the house. So far I've only had to buy some ribbons (which I'll use for scrapping after) and one little eco-green bag (below). I made gift tags using Christmas cards from last year (so fun, I'll be doing this every year from now on!), and I'm also trying to use up old scrap supplies too. It's fun trying to come up with unique ways to wrap gifts.

Well that's all for this Monday, I'll be back later this week with a wedding related post (ha, yeah I know), and hopefully some catch-up for my December Daily.

Hope your week is starting off well!


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Stephie C said...

Aww it looks Christmasy enough for me :) Love your wrapping job too! I am on mission "use up old wrapping paper" this Christmas myself as hope to switch to just all solid colored paper in the future that I can customize to my liking (of course I say this then get suckered into some sort of cutesy print each year it seems...must resist!)