Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby oh baby, what to call you...

As I've mentioned before, we're getting pretty close to choosing our baby's name, but I'm still going back and forth between our 2-3 choices, and wondering if we should go with something else entirely. It's driving me nuts quite frankly, because I want to call this giant belly shown above something other than "bébé" (Dan, of course, has pretty well chosen, so it's just me holding the decision back). So I thought I would ask you all, my dear online/blog friends, for help.

What should we name Kid A?

Some things to consider:
1. It's a boy
2. No "J" or "K" names please (I'm just not a fan of them)
3. It has to be able to be said in French, or at least 'Frenchly". So a name like "James" would be out (even though I like it, despite the "J"-ness)
4. It can be unique, but nothing too extreme

So, will you help me? What names do you love/hate/think are interesting but would never attempt on your own child? Share in the comments if you can, you'll forever be remembered as helping the increasingly scattered and frenzied mind of a pregnant woman with way too much to do.

Happy mid-week, can't wait for the weekend already!


Anonymous said...

Alan - Alain ...(like Alain Delon)
Jack - Jacques ... (Like Jacques Brel - Oh, but that's a J, sorry)
Henry (Like that more when it's said in French!)
Guy (don't know exactly how to spell it, but in French it's said something like "Gie" - you'll know of course...

Hope this helps? (it's alright to shout eeeeekkk - OH NO! That way you will know what you NOT want! teehee!)

oxenanny said...

some great ideas! OVILA!! please!

But seriously though, Gabriel? Alexandre? Frederic? (I want a baby named Fred Flynn!!! That's awesome!)

Stephie C said...

Sorry to say I am pretty rubbish at boy names...some of my faves were.....
Cohen (after the great Cohen Brothers and Leonard Cohen)



Rory (although I think I prefer it for a girl now stinking Gilmore Girls)

hmmmm how about Felipe or Simon? Or Soren?

Good luck!!!!

Jacynthe said...

Le problème c'est qu'en anglais ils vont toujours essayer de racourcir le nom, peu importe.. Ex: Vincent, j'aime beaucoup ce nom en français, en anglais aussi sauf qu'ils vont finir par l'apeller Vinny...c'est dommage.

C'est vrai que Henri est un beau nom aussi. Celui là serait plus difficile à racourcir.

Trevor said...

What's wrong with Kid A. I'm sure Dan is fine with that.

I was worried that we might end up settling on the same name, and then it would be whoever popped first that got to use it. I don't think any of the ones we're thinking about sound good in French though so we're probably okay.

Bettyann said...

Alain, Daniel, Nichols, Samuel,