Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More babbling and belly...

Here's my v-log for Weeks 20-26 (aka the best 6 weeks so far!) Sorry I ramble a lot in this one, but I also listed all of our baby name choices in case anyone is curious as to what this little guy will be called (I didn't reveal which one we chose though, that's going to be a surprise) :)

Please excuse the clearing of the throat and nervous hair stroking, I'm still not used to making these!

Weeks 20-26 from Genevieve Flynn on Vimeo.

And also here's my 26.5 Weeks belly shot. Not much difference between this and 2 weeks ago, but I can certainly feel a difference in my mobility, putting on my socks this morning was kind of a challenge, sheesh!


Anonymous said...

I looked at your face very closely - twice - while you read the names... but couldn't see a different expression on it - not really.... so I can't tell which name you've chosen. Lovely names on the list though, so he'll get a nice name anyway!!

Aimee said...

you're so cute!

hollysarah said...

you look fabulous!!
hehe, I'm similar shape, and only 19 weeks.
hope you're still feeling great, and have a good weekend!