Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Re-cap

Well, another Christmas has come and gone. Dan and I visited NB for a week, which is longer than we usually visit, and it was nice to be able to have a chance to see all our friends and family and not feel like we were chickens running around with our heads cut off. As with most people, we saw lots of family, ate a lot, opened gifts, took photos and walks, watched TV and just relaxed, and it was great.

First we visited Dan's family for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and part of Boxing Day. It was nice because they had gotten a ton of snow the night before we came so it was a true winter wonderland, a nice change from the gray gross-ness that is Halifax winters. We hung out with our little (well, not so little now) nephews, went to church, walked in the snow and visited some of Dan's friends.

Here are a few shots from our trip:

We then headed to Sussex to spend time with my family. That was nice too, and I also saw some friends that I haven't seen in a long time, including one old friend that I haven't seen in a couple of years! Throw in a Maternity photo shoot, a yummy turkey dinner, some scrapping and you've got a great vacation :)

(I didn't take as many photos in Sussex because Daf and I did a big photoshoot one day so most of the shots are from that, plus with my family it's more of an 'adult' Christmas, since there are no kids around...yet.)

Next year will be quite different for us for Christmas, with our little baby (who will be 10 months old next December, crazy to think!) I'm not sure how much traveling we'll do or where we'll be, so I appreciate this last Christmas of 'just the 2 of us' all the more. I'll admit that I wasn't really into the spirit of Christmas this year, but once I got home and saw all my family and friends then it just kind of clicked, which I'm really grateful for.

I'll be doing a little post about the gifts I made/gave this year a bit later, and hopefully getting my December Daily updated and posted, then you'll be done hearing about Christmas from me for at least another 11 months! :)

Have a happy weekend, I hope your Christmas was full of happiness, peace and merriment.


sara said...

I'm an East-Coast Canadian girl too!

What province are you from!?

oxenanny said...

G, the quality of your pictures looks amazing!
Whatever it is that you are doing is working. I think your photography is great so please believe in yourself :)