Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Feel Fine

So, way back early last year I got this random email in my Flickr mail from a person representing the people doing the "We Feel Fine" project, asking if they could use one of my photos in their upcoming book. I had no idea what they were talking about and figured it was spam so I didn't reply, but they eventually emailed me back asking again, so I checked into it a bit more and saw that it was a legitimate (and quite large) project that had started in 2005 and that they were 'for real', so I eventually gave permission for the photo to be used, not thinking anything would come of it. I would receive random emails over the next year telling me about this or that to do with the book but again I ignored it for the most part, until yesterday when I got this package in the mail from and had no idea what it was. Turns out they sent me a copy of the book! Which was pretty neat to see the final result, it's quite impressive all the work that must have gone into it, there are hundreds and hundreds of pics and stats on human emotions, I haven't gone through it all yet but it's definitely a cool book!

Anyway, here's the photo they wanted to use, it's #19 of my 365 project, taken on April 18th, 2008:

Umm, yeah, not the best pic of me by any means. The only reason it was chosen was because the title (or caption) of the photo said "I feel like this", which is how it came up in their search. (And PS-It goes without saying, but in no way was I being serious about the gun to my head, I was just trying to think of something to do for the 365 and I was suffering from cabin fever mixed with moving stresses and apartment loathing, it was more of an exasperated gesture than anything.)

So that's the photo they used, and here is the layout in the book:

It's actually one of the first intro pages, right after the title page, which is kind of cool :)

So yeah, just thought I'd share and ask if anyone else was involved in this project? Were you asked to be in the book? If so let me know so that I can look you up! What do you think of the project in general, if you know anything about it?

It's Thursday already, holy. I've been on bedrest a whole week, and kind of sadly, I'm getting used to it...the trick now is to keep the productivity alive and not turn into a big pregnant blob. Wish me luck on that one!



Bettyann said...

Congrats on the photo chosen for the book...I can relate to the photo..congrats on the 1 week..keep up the good work..

Jacynthe said...

Wow!!! Sharp. :)

Stephie C said...

Oh way cool! Looks like an amazing book and very cool you got to be a part of it!!!

Anonymous said...

I never heard of this project, but AWESOME that your pic is in that book! And the first days of "laying down" behind you know... keep it up! You're doing great! (btw, I ADORE the wedding pics in your former post!)

Aimee said...

nevertheless, that's pretty rockin... :)