Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The sunshine of your love

Since it's so gray and cloudy and snowy out, I thought I would brighten up my day by going through all the pics I've been collecting for the past few weeks for my friend Heather (no, I'm not getting married again, lol) She's getting married in August (!!) and chose yellow and white as her wedding colours (tentatively anyway). Ever since then I've been scouring wedding sites trying to find all things yellow and bright, and wow, there are some beautiful things out there! Above is a collage of images I found on The Knot, my go-to site when I got married back in '06, and Green Wedding Shoes, one of many amazing blogs with all sorts of wedding eye candy (including all the photos below, sorry I didn't save individual links!)

One of the biggest regrets I have from my wedding (not that there were many), was that I didn't invest in a professional photographer (I had my neighbour's mother do our shots and she did a great job for what she had to work with, but it wasn't pro by any means.) I wasn't as interested in photography back then so I didn't realize how important to me it would be become to have those amazing, artsy, fun and beautiful shots that you see all over the place today. To me, it's the best way to remember the day (especially when your memory is as bad as mine!) So I'm telling Heather, over and over, to make sure she's got a good photographer booked and to be bold with her choices (go beyond the traditional poses, go romantic, go goofy, go big!) I'm hoping that she and I will get to do our own shoot after the wedding as well, and I'm already dreaming about what we could do (trash the dress, another dress sessions, post-wedding engagement session, ha)

Here are some shots that I find simply stunning (including some with yellow, of course):

Sigh. I'd love to have another wedding (maybe for a 10 year anniversary...)

I've also been checking Etsy for accessories, invites, etc, since supporting handmade is always great and there are so many creative options out there for weddings. Again, I'm probably being a bit bolder with my choices for Heather than I was with myself, but I guess looking back I'm realizing that you only get one chance at a wedding (hopefully!), so it's no time to not have fun, do what you want and make as magical as you can.

Here are a few Etsy find I've made lately...

Birdcage veil with flower from PishPoshes

Yellow Pom poms from orangekisses
(I'm thinking of getting some of these for the baby's room too)
I'm So Happy print from theloveshop

Beautiful yellow earings from MagPieCollections

Interesting and pretty crocheted necklaces/lariats from Big Frozen Melon

For after the ceremony, a beautiful shawl by mucar

Love this haircomb for 'something blue' by whichgoose

There are so many more (I didn't even get into all the paper products!!) but that's just a start :)

I'll probably be updating throughout the year with more wedding fun (for Heather to see as much as anything), but if any of you are getting married this year and have any great links, please let me know, I'm having a great time being a fake wedding planner!

Until next time, stay bright,


Stephie C said...

Check out Offbeat Bride and the Offbeat Bride flickr pool for loads of inspiration :) the book and website were my go to's for my 2008 wedding ;)

Ayah said...

Some good finds here! I love the poms. I made a ton of them for my wedding using this tutorial, it's actually pretty easy:

And I second the offbeat bride ref! There is some really out there stuff, but some that is just out there enough.

I love weddings.