Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nursery Dreams (again)

**Note: I must precede this post by saying that I am NOT a sketcher or drawer of any kind, so please excuse my childlike doodles...

With only 8 weeks (max) left before this little one comes I'm once again thinking about a dream nursery (one that I'm thinking I'll only attempt once we get our house), so one night in my bedrest driven boredom I actually tried to draw my ideal nursery (or one wall of it anyway.)

I picture it being a moderate size room (nothing huge) in an old house with tall ceilings, white wainscoting along the bottom half of the room, pear green walls, lots of light coming in from a fairly big window, dark wood floors (dark chocolate brown) and lots of cute decorations. On this wall in particular (the one I picture a change table of some sort being on) I wanted to create a wall full of prints, cute items and lots of pics. I'll probably get some floating white shelves from Ikea and add a picture wire underneath one of the shelves, with a triptych of hand painted canvases under the other. The items on the shelves will probably change with the season and as the baby gets bigger, but this is how I picture it now.

Here's a little collage of some of the items I mention in my sketch (plus some others I just like...all of these items can be found in my Etsy Favs if you're interested in the particular shops):

PDF printable calendar, birth announcement print, an inspiration for the triptych, green poms to float from the ceiling, my fav plush fox, an Ashleyg print (I already have this one), Black Apple print, spray painted owl, another cute fox print.

I've also been thinking a lot about the newborn shots and shoots I'll be doing once he arrives and I'm thinking that this little bear hat would be perfect for them:

Beyond adorable, right?

Well that's all for now, just thought I'd share where my brain currently resides (when it's not frantically thinking of do-to lists, that is.)

Be back soon with my latest belly shot/v-log and some more random baby thoughts (and then I promise I'll try to blog about something else!)

What's an ideal nursery look like to you, for all the moms and moms-to-be out there? Am I being realistic in my design aspirations?


Stephie C said...

I think you are totally being realistic :) And love your sketch and inspiration pics :) You did great! I love the puff/poms and will be doing those myself if I get motivated to go buy the tissue ;)

And yes owls <3 that is pretty much Lainey's nursery all owls :)

emily said...

i love your nursery ideas!! i just ordered yellow and orange pom-poms (like in your etsy finds) for my daughter's room!
so fun :)

Sarah said...

Good Luck! Very cute, you have great taste.