Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random thoughts on this whole *parenting* thing [@ 34 Weeks]


I know that:

*I'll say that I won't let my baby watch TV until after he's 2....but he will.

*I'll say that I won't give in and use bribes/threats to get him to behave...but I will.

*I'll say that he will only play with educational, natural, pretty toys...but he won't.

*I'll say that he'll breastfeed exclusively until he's 6 months and breastfeed until he's at least 1...but we'll see.

*I'll say that he'll never come into the bed with us...but he will.

*I'll say that he'll only eat healthy and will never touch a chip, cookie or hamburger until he's older...but he will.

*I'll say that he'll always be cutely dressed with his face and hands clean...but he won't.

*I'll say that Dan and I won't just talk about the kids all the time...but we will (for awhile at least).

*I'll say that I will make an effort to not look frumpy or too "mom-ish"...but I might not.

*I'll say that I can handle all the housework, side jobs, budgeting and primary parenting on my own...but I won't be able to.

I also know that:

*I'll use the car seat as a place for him to sleep if it works.

*I'll stick him in front of the TV or some other form of media to get a few minutes of quiet.

*I'll feel frustrated at times and will wish for my non-kid life (and free time) again.

*I'll feel guilty for leaving him to go out at times. Then I'll feel dumb about feeling guilty.

*I'll get discouraged when I find myself struggling to speak to him in French.

*I'll be constantly judging myself and comparing myself to other moms.

*I'll wonder if I'm doing a good job.

*I'll overlook something kind of serious because I'd rather "assume everything is ok".

And yet I know:

*I'll read to him and expose him to as much music and art as possible.

*I will never switch over to English with him. Ever.

*He will be surrounded by his family and our friends who will love him.

*Dan and I will make time for each other.

*I won't be afraid to hug him or tell him I love him. Or to kiss Dan in front of him.

*We will go outside as much as possible.

*He will be photographed A LOT.

*I will continue to enjoy the things I enjoy now like photography, scrapbooking, blogging, etc (maybe just not as much).

*I'll be a good mother to him.


Stephie C said...

Aww couldn't have put it better myself ;) Except the french thing...I don't know french...but hey my hubby will always be talking to baby in his English accent so that counts for the baby being cultured yeah? hahah...

Anonymous said...

You will not only be a good mother, you will be HIS EXCLUSIVE MARVELOUS MAMAN!!!!

shirin said...

How sweet :) I love the last bit of the list