Friday, January 1, 2010

January Goals

Besides my Resolutions for 2010, I thought I should start off the year right with a few goals to get done this month, aka the last full month before our baby will most likely make his appearance into the world.

First, December Goals check-in (ones in bold I actually did):

*Make 6 more Christmas cards, write in store-bought cards and have all of them sent out by the 11th
*Finish gift for my friend in Italy, mail by the 7th
*Have 95% of my Christmas shopping done by the 18th
*Journal in my December Daily album every day and take a photo every day
*Have a turkey dinner with Dan
*Put up Christmas tree by the 18th
*Pack up everything that's non-essential to living for the next 10-14 Weeks
*Learn how to make the tabs at the top of my blog like the ones everyone else has
*Get the car winter-ready
*Find out my delivery date and tell the people at work my final day
*Continue paying off other credit card and saving money; keep spending to a minimum
*Have a name chosen
*Wrap all my gifts in an eco-friendly way
*Write to Jelena
*Record my Week 20-26 vlog, take Week 26.5 and 28.5 shots
*Watch Elf, the Sound of Music, Charlie Brown Christmas and other Christmas favs
*Blog at least twice a week
*Make candied citrus peels, White chocolate bark and shortbread cookies with icing
*Decide on a stroller/car seat and crib; look for a 2nd hand glider, make list of baby items that are needed
*Try not to let this season rush by in a panicky whirl!!

Hmm, still quite a few that I didn't do...well, that's ok, that's what carry-overs are for, right? :)

Since I'll be a prisoner at home for the next 2 months (I've been put on partial bedrest...more on that later), there will be quite a few things that I won't be able to do myself, but hopefully Dan or my mom/sister will be able to do them for me, so I'll list them here anyway with the assumption that with my direction they will get done...maybe. Oye.

So here we go:

*Re-do/clean up blog (I need to organize my blog roll and get a new, clean & simple banner)
*Blog at least twice a week (should be easy!)
*Buy a car seat, look for a 2nd hand glider, choose crib
*Write out our birth plan
*Finish my 52Qs
*Finish my December Daily
*Pack as much as I can (meaning Dan will pack with my direction)
*Buy more 0-3 months clothes for baby
*Look into photographers for Heather
*Get as much done as possible for work (from home)
*Get my short-term-illness and Mat Leave sorted out
*Finish Jelena's mini; mail
*Record v-log for Weeks 26-32, take 30.5, 32.5 and 34.5 shots
*Go through house, decide what to give away/throw out/keep
*Buy thank you cards from Etsy for after baby
*Cut my hair
*Work on post-baby budgets

There are probably more that I'm forgetting but those are the main ones. Lots and lots to do in preparation for the big change that's coming, but I'm managing to keep the stress levels fairly low, so I'll try to enjoy and remember this time, because I know it's going to go by in a flash.

What are your goals for the month? Or are you all goaled-out with your Resolutions?

Happy January,

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