Thursday, January 21, 2010

My week...

...has consisted of 3 things mostly:

1. Watching these shows. I have never seen Project Runway so my mom and I re-watched Season 4 and it was pretty good! I really liked Rami (sooo handsome). And of course there's LOST, which I've been re-watching for about a month now and am now on Season 3.

2. Crafting. I managed to get 2 52Qs done and 1 layout, which I hardly ever do anymore, so it was fun. My mom also got a page done (in a week, which is super fast for her!) and I think that I've convinced her to attempt her very first mini, so that's really fun too. I didn't scan my cards yet but here's the layout, about my muse (who I am now officially missing):

And I'm quite proud to say that I have FINALLY, after 26 years, learned how to knit. It was a struggle at first (I think my mom wanted to tell me to quit on several occasions, haha), but I eventually got the hang of it and am now working on a 'practice scarf' (below). Today we also bought all the yarn I need to make my first baby blanket (which I'm going to aim to finish by this fall...) I think this is something I could really get into!

3. Watching Shimi and Félix 'duke it out' (meaning avoiding each other at all costs and giving each other long looks-see below.)

The closest they have gotten to each other all week.

I also had a doctor's appointment, slept in most mornings, drank a ton of tea, started a new puzzle and just chilled with my mom. I'm really glad we had the chance to do this, even under these circumstances (being a prisoner and whatnot.) I'll be really happy when Dan gets home though, then I won't have to worry about going into labour without him!

Have a great end of week everyone...any weekend plans?

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Anonymous said...

Ah, still doing well Genevieve? Knitting is a fun thing to do, and a baby blanket sounds awesome! When is Dan coming home? Thank God for mommies!!